Pixel Human Club
Rare & Fun NFT Collection

We are a pixel family. Join us in this
NFT World. Welcome!

Behind it is
the power of pixels.

Get one of this unique nft collection now.

We are a family of pixels. Our artists and designers add new members to the family every day. Great and fun nft series from each other. Each pixel character has a story. It took its place in the world of NFT with its harmonious color tones and harmonious character drawings. Pixel characters for sale on the OpenSea.io platform are waiting for you.



What is Pixel Human Club?

Welcome to the pixel human club, the heart of pixel art. Every day, our artists design special and beautiful pixel characters. We gave them life. We sell from the Opensea.io market. You can join our family by owning this very rare NFT series.


How can I buy?

With the verified OpenSea.io link, you can buy the NFT part you want to invest in the Pixel Human Club collection.


What is the technology used?

Pixel Humans characters encrypted on the Ethereum Polygon chain continue to be developed continuously.


Is the Future Promising?

Yeah. The future will be beautiful. Our team, which carries out each stage meticulously, works for more realistic worlds in the future.


Who is behind the project?

Behind the project, our project continues at full speed with the Taut creative team and Pixel Human Club volunteer members.


Ready for the world of Metaverse?

Yeah. Our team, which is getting closer to the Metaverse every day, wants to include you in this universe. It's not just tattoos and t-shirt prints. It will invite you to the 3D pixel world universe. We are working hard for this. You support us.

Pixel Human Club RoadMap

With the collection of 1000 different NFTs, new pixel characters are coming every day. You can also buy one of the Piksek human club NFT pieces to be a part of the family. Welcome to our family.

  • Sketching & Drawing Collections
  • Announcing the Pixel Humans Project
  • Pixel NFT Mint & Production
  • The Item Shop is unlocked, featuring Limited Edition t-shirts, hoodies and other goodies.
  • Preparation for Metaverse World
  • Pixel humans integration
  • Meta Pixel Human Club Create